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Poultry vaccines

Representation and marketing  ofLovit Blue Cand  vaccinesPrimun, from Calier, in Portugal, for the most relevant pathologies in the poultry sector, such as:

​Gumboro Disease: Primun Gumboro and Primun Gumboro W2512

Infectious Bronchitis (IBN Massachusetts): Primun Bronchitis H120

Infectious Bronchitis (IBN Massachusetts) and Newcastle (NDV_HB1): Primun IB-ND DUO

Newcastle Disease:Primun Newcastle C30 and Primun Newcastle HB1

Salmonella Enteritidis and Typhimurium: Primun Salmonella E and Primun Salmonella T

Lovit Blue C: Water stabilizer with dye for use in matrix solutions and drinking water, easy to administer, which guarantees the effectiveness of vaccination regardless of water quality and allows visualization of the water flow in the drinking fountain lines.

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