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Suitable for 

Biological Production

The biological barrier
against flies

Thanks to the effectiveness of its bait and the design of its trap, the FLYBUSTER® system reduces the number of flies by up to 90% without using poison or other toxic products.

Composed of fermented yeast and other ingredients approved for use in the food industry, FLYBUSTER® POWDER bait releases an attractive odor after being dissolved in water. Flies are attracted to the FLYBUSTER® trap by entering it through lace cones that prevent them from leaving.
Effective within a range of 15m, this solution remains active for up to 60 days and only requires fortnightly maintenance.


Professional format:

6L trap

240g bait


- Control of the fly population in residential, zootechnical and rural environments.

- Attracting and capturing flies: house flies, stable flies (Stomoxys calcitrans), blowflies (Lucilia sericata) adults.


Saccharomyces cerevisiae (yeasts) (CAS 68876-77-7) 39.90% (w/w) (5.9x108 CFU/g – 7.5x108 CFU/g), Egg powder 59.85% (w/w)

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