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XL 2.0

Due to the broad antimicrobial action of its substances, ADDCON XL 2.0 is preferably used to improve the hygienic quality of feed and drinking water for poultry and pigs.

The use of ADDCON XL 2.0, through drinking water, could be part of the new feeding concept that will result in efficient and pathogen-free animal production!


High stability - The product can reach a greater extent in the gastrointestinal tract;

-Composition– Maximum possible stabilized quantity of formic acid and its sodium salt, well known in animal nutrition for increasing productivity;

-Suitable for Organic Production Mode;

-Antimicrobial effect:
     Reduces the total microbial load in drinking water and in the upper digestive tract;
     Optimizes protein digestibility;
     Improves performance and conversion rate due to increased digestibility and hygiene of feed and water.

-Optimizes pH:
     The recommended dosage aims to obtain a pH of at least 4.5, since protein digestibility is ensured by maintaining a low pH in the stomach.


34 kg and 272 kg


Formic Acid (E236) and Sodium Formate (E237)

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