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Environmental and surface disinfection
OX DSVA technology combines the effectiveness and ecological characteristics of OX products with the precision of spray equipmentOX-DISAIR designed for environmental and surface disinfection (DSVA).

The equipment atomization systemOX-DISAIR guarantees treatment even in the most inaccessible areas. DSVA is the ideal complement to routine cleaning and disinfection tasks, as it guarantees perfect results in critical areas, including negative surfaces in the treated room.
OX products suitable for OX-DISAIR:
. Automatic treatment;
Mobile and easy to transport system;
Automatically turns off;
. Allows you to manage warnings and alarms.


. Final disinfection treatment of surfaces and environments;
. Total disinfection even on inaccessible surfaces;
. Homogeneous distribution of the disinfectant;
.. System that works with OX biocides that have bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal and sporicidal efficacy


. Health: autonomous diffusion without applicator during treatment;
. Environment: efficiency guaranteed with 100% biodegradable OX biocidal products. Equipment with CE designation.
Operational Advantages:
. Non-corrosive;
. System that works at room temperature;
. Does not wet surfaces;
. Does not leave toxic residues;
. Provides a minimum period of safety after
. Automatic system with programming possibility
. Issues traceability reports after treatment;
. Does not require periodic maintenance.

Return on Investment ROI:
. Reduced consumption of disinfectant chemicals;
. Fast treatment;
. Labor with reduced costs;
. Quick Start;
. Resource optimization;
. Water economy.
*If you require larger sizes of OX-DISAIR, please contact us.
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