We are a successful team focused on defining and implementing the best Biosafety solutions for each client, providing products and specialized technical services.


The consolidated growth, since we started in 2005, is due to:

Representation of high quality products and brands with proven reliability

Biosafety protocols specific to each client

Specialized technical support

› Close relationship with the client


Continuous search

for innovative and differentiating solutions

Consolidation of the relationship and proximity

to customers

Strengthening a trustworthy relationship with business partners



We are an experienced multidisciplinary team committed to responding in a professional and competent way to the most demanding challenges.



National deliveries in 24 hours

100% coverage of the continental market

Product distribution
in bi-temperature

Compliance with the guidelines
for Good Distribution Practices, published by the Community Directive 2013/C 343/01

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2790-072 Carnaxide |  Portugal  | +351 214 718 156

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